Home of the Connolly-Carew family Castletown House and its estate in County Kildare are sold.

A home for over 200 years Castletown House, situated on 580 acres of land in Celbridge, County Kildare, is one of finest Georgian mansions in Ireland. It is the home to Lord Carew whose family have owned the estate since 1722.

The estate was acquired from the Earls of Limerick by William Connolly speaker of the Irish House of Commons who built the mansion in the 18th century. Castletown House is considered to be one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in Ireland and is renowned for its beautiful interior decoration and plaster work.

Lord Carew has put the complete estate up for auction.

One just hates giving it up, but economic conditions don't give me any option, I just can’t afford to keep the place alive.

Along with the mansion, the estate for auction includes four gate lodges, stable yard, workmen’s cottages, farm yards, two gardener’s houses and the land. Its original decorative fixtures including mirrors and wall paintings are also included.

The main hall of Castletown House is the setting for the 45 minute auction. The winning bid of £166,000 is made by 29 year old property owner and businessman Julian de Lisle of London, a cousin of the Guinness family and the Master of the Kildare Hunt Major James Wilson.

Ownership is transferred from Lord Carew to Julian de Lisle of London and his cousin Major James Wilson.

Lord Carew is very sorry to lose his ancestral home.

I hope to goodness the new purchasers will look after the house which is a national monument.

Julian de Lisle intends to live in part of the house but does not want to reveal any further information. However, he gives assurance that his plans will allow for horse trials to be held on the estate.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 May 1965. The reporter is Anne Binchy. The footage at the beginning of this report is mute.