In some parts of County Kerry men outnumber women by four to one, causing local men to complain there are not enough women to go around.

Male students from Tralee Regional Technical College (RTC) have noticed there is lack of young women in the area, particularly when they are socialising at the weekend. This deficit means there is more competition for the attention of single ladies.

The statistics for the numbers of men and women in rural Kerry worry Fr Gearóid O'Donnchadha, manager of the Rural Exchange Centre in Tralee RTC. He fears these mainly agricultural areas will die unless young educated women chose to live and work in the area rather than move away.

However bachelor farmers gets little sympathy from John O’Regan, manager of Betty's Bar in Tralee, although he will not countenance Kerry women marrying men from neighbouring counties.

God forbid they marry Cork fellas, that would be interbreeding.

Marketing lecturer at Tralee RTC Breda O'Dwyer thinks Kerry men are nice guys and their image is much improved of late.

They’ve travelled at this stage and they definitely have improved in taste and style and image.

Willie Daly, Ireland's most famous matchmaker knows Kerry farmers in particularly are a good catch, and he receives numerous requests from Chinese and Japanese women seeking Irish men. While Kerry men may not be keen on public displays of affection they are

Romantic, great lovers and fun to be with.

This episode of ‘Nationwide’ was broadcast on 14 February 1997. The reporter is Flor MacCarthy.