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Fri. 20 Oct. 2017

Oireachtas Art Exhibition 1962

Oireachtas Art Exhibition 1962

The Municipal Art Gallery on Parnell Square in Dublin hosts the Oireachtas Art Exhibition.

Young and Homeless in Dublin (1987)

Young And Homeless In Dublin 1987

The numbers of young among the homeless in Dublin is growing the charity Focus Point is trying to address the problem.


Kenmare Housing Problems

Kenmare Housing Problems 1967

Kenmare is a popular destination for visitors to Kerry but some living in the town endure appalling housing conditions not seen by tourists.


Halloween Customs and Traditions

Leaving out food for the dead, making costumes and playing pranks on neighbours.

Memorable Budgets

Radio, television and online media offer the public a way to learn of budgetary measures and how they impact on everyday lives.

Before They Were Famous

Irish celebrities, politicians, sports people, actors, singers and performers in the early years of their careers.