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Mon. 25 Jun. 2018

Exporting Irish Wool (1963)

Exporting Irish Wool 1963

Irish wool has a lucrative market abroad but are Irish farmers getting the best possible return for their product?

Fairgreen House, Galway (1983)

Galway Hostel For Homeless Men 1983

Hopes that the opening of a new centre will help ease the problems of homeless men in Galway.

Comic Strip Artist

Petrol Pump Attendant Cartoonist 1983

A young man with a talent for drawing serves petrol at a local garage but has his heart set on a career as a comic strip artist.


Weather Heatwave for Ireland

Weather Heatwave for Ireland 1995

Warm weather sees thousands enjoy Ireland's beaches but means farmers must be careful.


President Kennedy in Ireland

In June 1963, John F. Kennedy became the first serving President of the USA to visit Ireland.

Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.

Civil Rights Campaign 1968-69

Coverage of the civil rights movement between the summer of 1968 and the spring of 1969.