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Wed. 18 Oct. 2017

Benburb Street Lodging House

Lodging House For Elderly Men 1967

Life for residents of a Benburb Street lodging house run by Dublin Corporation.

Rathlin Island (1992)

Wind Power Electricity For Rathlin 1992

Rathlin Islanders are getting their own electricity supply from wind-powered generators.


One of the Worst Hurricanes in Living Memory

One of the Worst Hurricanes in Living Memory 1986

'Hurricane Charley' arrived over Ireland at the end of August 1986.


Halloween Customs and Traditions

Leaving out food for the dead, making costumes and playing pranks on neighbours.

Memorable Budgets

Radio, television and online media offer the public a way to learn of budgetary measures and how they impact on everyday lives.

Before They Were Famous

Irish celebrities, politicians, sports people, actors, singers and performers in the early years of their careers.