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Thu. 23 Nov. 2017

Intron 82 - Technology Exhibition at the RDS

High Technology Exhibition 1982

Intron 82 offers the widest range of new technology ever to go on display in the Republic of Ireland.

Donnybrook Bus Garage (1987)

Donnybrook Bus Depot Strike 1987

A strike at Donnybrook bus depot hits commuters in the south and south-east areas of Dublin.


No Entry with Long Hair

No Entry with Long Hair 1971

Naas boys refused entry to dance because of the length of their hair.


Patrick Kavanagh

The life of one of Ireland's best-loved poets, as told by the poet himself and those who knew him.

Ireland and The Great War

Memories of The Great War with witness accounts.

Christmas Past on RTÉ

The Toy Show, the birth of Jesus, shopping and celebrations overseas.