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Mon. 19 Feb. 2018

London Emigration (1988)

Irish Emigration To London 1988

Young Irish emigrants in London share their experiences of seeking housing, employment and dealing with racism.

Owey Island postman

Owey Island Postman 1973

Four times a week the postman crosses to Owey Island by boat from mainland Donegal to deliver the mail to the few who remain living there.

The river Liffey valley, Lucan, County Dublin (1993)

Liffey Valley Plans 1993

Hospital looking to raise money by selling land for housing meets resistance from all local Dáil representatives.


Goths, Cureheads and Psychobillies

Goths, Cureheads and Psychobillies 1989

Described as "a poser's paradise" Grafton Street, Dublin is the location for this report on Dublin street style, fashion and music in 1989.


Housing Conditions in Ireland

In less than 50 years, Ireland went from a critical housing deficit to a property glut.

Women in Irish Society

From the housewives who washed their husbands' socks by hand in 1960s Dublin to the era of Ireland's first female President in the 1990s.

Civil Rights Campaign 1968-69

Coverage of the civil rights movement between the summer of 1968 and the spring of 1969.