Gay Byrne presents his final 'Late Late Show' after almost 37 years as the show's host.

The world's longest running chat show had, over four decades, brought many topics deemed taboo by elements of Irish society into a public forum for discussion. The first episode of 'The Late Late Show' was broadcast on the 6 July 1962 and was intended as a 'filler' for the summer schedule.

In this extract from Gay Byrne's final 'Late Late Show' U2 members, Bono and Larry present Gay with a Harley Davidson. Bono tells a story of calling out to Gay Byrne's house to try and get the young U2 on 'The Late Late Show'.

This is from us to you.

Pat Kenny replaced Gay Byrne as presenter in 1999 and remained in that position for 10 years. Ryan Tubridy was the next host and was in the presenter’s chair until 2023. Patrick Kielty is the current host of the Late Late Show.

'The Late Late Show' broadcast on 21 May 1999. The presenter is Gay Byrne.