The life of a housekeeper looking after the catering and domestic needs of a Catholic priest.

Bridget Kilgallon is a housekeeper for Father Edward Higgins in Kiltoom, County Roscommon. Over a cup of tea with Marian Finucane, Bridget outlines exactly what the job of a live-in housekeeper involves from cooking and cleaning for the priest to answering queries from parishioners. 

It changed my whole life by going as a priest's housekeeper and I've never regretted it.

For Bridget, her job has given her the opportunity to travel to places that she never dreamed she would visit. 

I've travelled now to all the shrines, nearly, in Europe.

Bridget describes Father Higgins as a very hospitable priest who has always encouraged her to travel and meet new people. 

When she retires, Bridget plans to live with her sister in a house that she already owns. So her future is secure for her retirement. 

Father Higgins was previously based in Rosses Point in County Sligo. When he was relocated to a new parish in Kiltoom, Bridget decided to go with him and plans to stay with him until she retires. The main thing she misses from Rosses Point is the sea. 

It was as big a change for him as it was for me. The people in Rosses Point didn't want him to leave on no account.

Bridget describes her relationship with Fr Higgins as similar to the relationship between a brother and sister. 

This episode of 'Wednesday Plus' was broadcast on 6 April 1983. The reporter is Marian Finucane.