Thursday 29 September 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Today will be a windy, showery day with the showers heavy or thundery at times and with some prolonged along the north coast. Some bright or sunny spells too - best over east Munster and south Leinster. Fresh to strong and gusty west to southwest winds, will be blustery in northern areas for a time. Top temperatures of 13 to 16 C.

Tonight's Weather
Some clear spells overnight, but further showers also, some heavy. Lowest temperatures 6 to 9 C. Winds will decrease moderate to fresh also.


today's weather Tomorrow
Friday will be another showery day. Some bright or short sunny spells, but fairly widespread showers also, some heavy and possibly thundery at times. Top temperatures just 12 to 14 C., in a mainly moderate southwest breeze.

3 Day Outlook
Outlook: Changeable and rather cool. Some showery episodes, with a few longer spells of rain at times. But some dry, bright periods occasionally too.

Friday night: Cold overnight. Widespread showers for much of the night, some heavy and possibly thundery and some may merge into longer spells of rain. But the showers should become more scattered in the western half of the country late in the night. Lowest temperatures 3 to 7 C., with a risk of some fog at dawn where skies clear, with even a slight grass frost locally. Winds light to moderate variable or northwesterly.

Saturday: Quite showery at first on Saturday, but the showers should become confined to eastern coastal counties by early afternoon, with most of these dying out by evening. Some sunny spells will develop quite widely also, but top temperatures will range just 12 to 14 C., in moderate northwest breezes.\nCold and dry overnight with slack breezes. Mist will form and thicken into fog in many places some of this dense in places. Lowest temperatures just 2 to 5 C., with some grass frost in places too.

Sunday: Another chilly start, with crisp autumn sunshine, as well as some grass frost. Though the day should hold largely dry, southerly winds will gradually strengthen. Increasing cloud, from the Atlantic is likely to feed in some rain and drizzle to west and southwest coastal counties later in the day. Top temperatures 14 or 15 C. The trend will be for the rain to become more widespread overnight and on Monday.