Friday 09 December 2016

today's weather

Tonight's Weather
Variable cloud tonight but good clear spells will develop in many areas. A few showers will affect western and northern areas, but otherwise it will be dry. Lowest temperatures of 6 to 9 degrees. It will stay breezy in the Northwest but the Southwest winds will decrease light to moderate elsewhere with some mist patches.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Saturday will bring variable cloud with good bright or sunny spells and some scattered showers. The showers will be mainly over the west and north. Top temperatures will be 9 to 12 degrees in a light to moderate West to Southwest breeze, stronger along coastal parts of Connacht and Ulster.

3 Day Outlook
The outlook is changeable and, while some nights will bring frost, there is no sign of any really cold wintry weather on the charts. In fact for much of the coming week the winds will be coming in from a mild Southerly direction.

In more detail:

Sunday night will bring some mist patches and a touch of ground frost early on , especially to the Northeast, but scattered outbreaks of rain and increasing cloud will spread from the South through the night.

Then Monday will bring dull weather with some rain. The rain will clear away from the West in the afternoon with sunny spells developing, but many Eastern counties are likely to stay dull and wet until the evening, and the rain and cloud may linger near the southeast coast on Monday night as well. Further North it will turn colder with a touch of frost and some mist and fog patches.

During Tuesday and Tuesday night and, possibly for some Eastern areas into Wednesday as well, Southerly breezes will feed up humid air with spells of rain over the country which will be heavy at times, though some parts will fare worse than others. \n \nA drier slot will follow this wet episode around the middle of the week but a band of wet and windy weather is expected to cross the country on Thursday