Friday 27 November 2015

today's weather

Tonight's Weather
Cold and blustery tonight. Scattered showers, heaviest and most frequent in the west and north with some wintry ones in northern areas for a time. Lowest temperatures of 0 to 4 degrees with a patchy frost early in the night mainly in sheltered areas. Cloud will increase from the west later with persistent rain pushing into western counties bringing a slight rise in temperatures.


today's weather Tomorrow
Tomorrow, Saturday will be a windy and blustery day with widespread rain in the morning turning heavy for a time and then clearing to scattered showers in the afternoon. Southwest to westerly winds will be strong to gale force and gusty and it will feel cold with top temperatures reaching just 7 to 9 degrees.

3 Day Outlook
General: Very unsettled and changeable. Often quite wet and windy at times also.

Saturday night: Cold and windy, with further rain or showers, heavy and persistent in places. Lows of 3 to 7 C., coldest over Ulster. Fresh and gusty southwest winds, will increase strong and will be up to gale force and very gusty along the Atlantic seaboard by dawn.

Sunday morning will very wet, windy and blustery, with strong to gale force and gusty southwest winds. There is a risk of some spot flooding. The winds will veer westerly for the afternoon and evening and will moderate slowly and more showery conditions will develop. Top temperatures 8 to 12 C. Winds will fall off light overnight and some fog and frost will form over northern areas. But cloud is likely to hold elsewhere. Some persistent rain is expected over Munster and south Leinster, with some sleet possible on high ground elsewhere. Lows 1 to 5 C., generally, but higher values may persist along southern coasts.

Monday: Some uncertainty. There will be some further rain or sleet about during the morning, but at this stage it looks as if drier weather will develop in all but southern coastal counties, for the afternoon. A cold day for most, with highs of just 5 to 8 C., but values along the south coast may get up to 11 or 12 C.

Tuesday / Wednesday: The trend is for windy, but mild weather. There is likely to further heavy rain at times, with just occasional dry, bright spells.