Saturday 22 October 2016

today's weather Today's Weather
Today will be mainly dry with sunny spells and just a few showers in the northeast, east and south. Highest temperatures of 11 to 14 degrees with moderate easterly breezes.

Tonight's Weather
Tonight will be mainly dry with clear spells. Lowest temperatures of 5 to 9 degrees.


today's weather Tomorrow
Sunday will be dry in most areas with sunny spells and just a few showers, most likely over the eastern half of the country. It will be breezy with fresh east to northeast winds, which will be strong along parts of the south coast. Highest temperatures of 10 to 12 degrees.

3 Day Outlook
Outlook: A lot of dry weather is expected. Rather cool early on, but turning milder from Wednesday onwards.

Sunday night: Outbreaks of rain possibly on the south coast, but the rest of the country will be generally dry. The easterly winds will moderate through the night. Lowest temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees.

Monday: There is still the risk of some rain along the south coast on Monday, but it looks like the rest of the county will stay dry with some sunshine. The winds will ease further and highest temperatures will be 11 to 13 degrees. It may turn cold on Monday night with some frost possible.

Tuesday is looking mainly dry, just some rain possibly in the west and northwest, and it will turn a bit milder in southwest breezes. Frost seems unlikely on Tuesday night.

The second half of the week is looking mainly dry as well. Southwest breezes will bring mild air over Ireland and temperatures will reach\nthe mid teens in most areas. Nights will be frost-free as well. Sunshine amounts may be limited though.