The Dublin Cookie Co.

Meet the Foodies... The Dublin Cookie Co.

Each week on RTÉ Food, we meet one of the nation's hard-working Irish foodies to see how they do what they do so well. This week meet Jenny and Elaine from The Dublin Cookie Company.

City Break Barcelona: The Food Edition

City Break Barcelona: The Food Edition

City breaks are a wonderful way to find the best a city has to offer but there's always a risk of missing something amazing that can only be found off the beaten track. If you're heading to Barcelona for a quick weekend away then skip the over-priced cafés of Las Ramblas and check out these top spots!

Healthy and gluten-free cereal bars

Breakfast Cereal Bars: Gluten- Free

They can be fun for all the family to make - it's also a great way to encourage younger children to try different varieties of nuts, seeds and fruit.

Catherine Fulvio's Almond, Kale, Shortbread Bars

Catherine Fulvio's Almond, Kale, Shortbread Bars

Kale in a sweet treat might not sound like a marriage made in heaven but, these are absolutely delicious. The main thing is to shred the leaves very finely and to use enough to make it look pale green

Endorphin Stew

On the Blog with... Endorphin Stew

Each week on RTÉ LifeStyle we meet bloggers who is entertaining, informing and getting lots of attention for being pretty good at what they love to blog about. This week, meet Ryan from Endorphin Stew.