Scotch Broth: Perfect for today

Scotch Broth: Perfect for today

This is a sort of Scottish version of Minestrone, actually, again using what is available and just like Minestrone it can be made into more of a meal than a soup.

Choosing firm, ripe mangoes is key

Hotcakes with Mango, Banana Sauté: Neven Maguire

With recipes like this one its easy to see how healthy eating can realistically become a way of life - desserts do not have to be banished forever just everything in moderation. Watch Neven make this on RTÉ One's Healthy Home Chef on RTÉ One.

Healthy Home Chef is on RTÉ One

Crispy Salmon, Pomegranate, Couscous: Neven

Three fantastic dishes being cooked up on the RTÉ One TV show, Healthy Home Chef with Neven Maguire are two healthy dessert options and this main, Crispy Salmon with Pomegranate and Watercress Couscous.

In for a penny...!

Sweet Pancakes: Going all out

If you're planning to go all out with your pancakes this eve ahead of Lent kicking off tomorrow then Eunice has all the sweet stuff lined up for these pancakes on the Today show.

Chance to meet Roz and taste some recipes from Natural Born Feeder: Whole Foods, Whole Life

Roz Purcell opens pop-up Food shop

To celebrate the launch of her new cookbook Natural Born Feeder: Whole Foods, Whole Life, cook, blogger and model Roz Purcell is opening a pop-up shop in Dublin this week.

Would love these right now

Pancake Tuesday Countdown: Apple, pecan, ice-cream

Before lent kicks in on Wednesday this pancake recipe could be just the right balance between something naughty, nice and healthy thanks to the apple and the protein in the nuts. Takes ten minutes too - which is handy on a Monday.

Caramelised Scallops with Minted Pea Purée

Valentine's Caramelised Scallops, Minted Pea Purée

Avoid overpriced and crowded restaurants this Valentine's Day and enjoy an intimate dinner in the comfort of your own home. This romantic recipe combines sweet scallops with (superfood!) rich black pudding to make a mouth-watering main course, which is sure to impress your loved one on the most romantic day of the year.

Donal is a mega pancake fan and these are one of his treat options

Caramelised Banana American Pancakes

Lunch, dinner or tea Donal Skehan's pancake recipe fits the bill whenever suits you and is a gorgeous treat for you and all the gang for Pancake Tuesday tomorrow, February 9.

Donal Skehan's gluten free pancakes

Gluten-free Pancakes, Blueberry, Banana, Honey

Donal Skehan is the man when it comes to healthy, quick, tasty recipes and these gluten free pancakes are perfect as an alternative for the big day tomorrow - of course, you can get practising today!