U2 are one of the acts taking part in a day long benefit concert to highlight chronic unemployment in 1980s Ireland.

On 17 May 1986 the 'Self-Aid' benefit concert was held at the RDS in Dublin. The one day event was inspired by the success of Live-Aid. The 14-hour show was broadcast live on RTÉ television and radio while 30,000 attended the event to watch 27 acts.

In this clip Dave Fanning introduces U2 at Self Aid. Bono calls on employers to look after the people who work for them and introduces 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. Addressing the audience he says,

This country belongs to you just as much as it belongs to RTÉ just as much as it belongs to CIE or ESB or AIB or the Bank of Ireland. And if you work for ANCO or if you work for Manpower. If you are paid by the people you better look after those people. So treat them nice on Monday morning.

'Self-Aid' was broadcast on 17 May 1986.