Fianna Fáil and opposition leader Charles Haughey describes the state of the nation in terms of taxation, political leadership and international aid.

During a period of high taxation, growing unemployment and rising emigration, Charles Haughey speaks out about the current state of the Irish economy and against the policies of the Fine Gael and Labour coalition government.

Criticising current taxation, he describes the system under the Fine Gael led government as "absurd" and says there is a need for tax reform saying

40% of our tax payers are giving away half their income

Haughey is in favour of reducing the number of workers paying the top rate of tax.

On the establishment of the new political party, the Progressive Democrats, he states

I think the last thing the country needs at the present time is another political party

which he believes will bring further political uncertainty.

Charles Haughey also comments on the possibility of a United States Aid Package in relation to the Anglo-Irish Agreement and reinforces his view that any aid must come with no strings attached stating

We must always be free to conduct our international affairs and particularly our international trade in our own best interests.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 January 1986. The reporter is Seán Duignan.