A car driven at speed down a busy Henry Street in Dublin crashes causing widespread panic.

During the lunchtime rush a car drove down Henry Street in Dublin at speed, causing widespread panic. The Ford Escort driven by a man in his 30s, ploughed into a number of pedestrians before crashing into a builders' van outside Arnotts. The incident injures 10 people and leaves hundreds of shoppers in shock.

One eyewitness recalls hearing the sound of bodies hitting the speeding car. Another, a Dublin Corporation worker, describes seeing the car approach. He fully expected the driver to stop but,

I decided to run out of the way anyway.

The injured, 7 men and 3 women were brought to the Mater Hospital. None of their injuries are life threatening. Those injured range in age from a teenager to a man in his 80s.

The driver was arrested by a garda on foot patrol in the area and is being questioned at Store Street Garda Station.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 October 2001. The reporter is Ingrid Miley.