World Cup winner with Brazil Jairzinho gives some young Irish players tips on the beautiful game at a Samba Soccer launch.

Hundreds of thousands of youngsters will take part in sports summer camps and training camps all over Ireland in the coming weeks.

The Samba Soccer School bases its courses on Brazilian training techniques. Today Jairzinhno (Jair Ventura Filho) a former Brazilian international and member of the team that won the 1970 FIFA World Cup was passing on his street football skills to Irish kids.

The Brazilians are very natural soccer players...this is what we do.

Soccer in Ireland has become very competitive, says Ronnie Carroll from Samba Soccer, but the emphasis here is on enjoying the sport.

Samba soccer is completely focused on...lots of fun throughout the whole week.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 May 2001. The reporter is Gareth O'Connor.