How will children be using the money gifted to them on the day of their First Communion?

Is money important on your First Communion Day? Children at a school in Maynooth seem to have achieved a good balance, according to an RTÉ News report.

The pupils of 2nd Class of Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich in Maynooth made their First Holy Communion last Saturday, and today are getting ready for their class photograph.

The big day itself is not complete without the traditional First Communion outfit, and the accompanying financial gifts from relatives, godparents and neighbours. Has the subject of money taken over school room chat? No, says teacher Neil Ó Torráin, 

I haven’t heard them comparing or chatting about it no but I’d say they did.

Amounts received by children in this school range between €300 to €500. But at eight years of age do children understand the meaning and the value of money?  

Dearbhla Mescal whose son is in the First Communion class says at this age it is not a big deal, however for Confirmation there is definitely more importance attached to it,

It would be nearly a sense of when they go into the classroom, how much did you get.

While the boys and girls in this school are either saving their newfound wealth or planning how they will spend it, their mothers and fathers will now be able to draw a breath,

Parents will be happy that this year’s Communion season is almost over.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 May 2004. The reporter is Gavin Jennings.