Annie Murphy speaks to the media about her Late Late Show interview and questions from host Gay Byrne.

On 2 April 1993 Annie Murphy, mother of Peter who was fathered by Eamonn Casey, appeared on the Late Late Show to talk about her son, her affair with the then Bishop of Kerry and her book 'Forbidden Fruit: The True Story of My Secret Love for the Bishop of Galway'.

The previous year it had been revealed that Bishop Eamonn Casey had fathered a child with American Annie Murphy. The child named Peter was born in 1973 when Casey was still the Bishop of Kerry. Eamonn Casey resigned as a result of the revelations.

The day after her appearance on the Late Late Show, Annie Murphy attended a press conference in Dublin and responded to criticism of her treatment on the show by host Gay Byrne and audience members. She agreed with a suggestion made by Gay Byrne that her son would be alright if he turned out to be half the man Bishop Casey is and defended her somewhat abrupt exit from the show. She also refuted any claims that she had been in a relationship with another man before her son was born. 

She felt her treatment on the show had been down the middle of the road.

Ms Murphy's lawyer Peter McKay stated that on two occasions he had contacted Bishop Casey's attorney and invited him to have Bishop Casey call so that a manuscript of the book could be forwarded to him ahead of its publication. However, Casey never called. 

Annie Murphy stated that Casey had been in contact with her to say that he would like to develop a relationship with his son out of the media limelight.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 April 1993. The reporter is Lorna Donlon.