Mood changes in Galway among the public as more about Bishop Eamonn Casey's relationship with Annie Murphy and their son Peter becomes known.

As the latest revelations came to light, there was unquestioning support among Galway churchgoers for Bishop Casey and considerable hostility to the woman at the centre of the controversy.

This seems to be a very good man and she’s destroyed this man, it’s disgraceful.

However once people listened to successive RTÉ radio interviews with Annie Murphy and her teenage son Peter, public opinion softened. One woman interviewed does not think the bishop treated Annie and Peter fairly

I felt very sad really for the son in what he said, that he felt that he would really, that he'd like to have, got to know his father more.

Nuns and priests who previous worked with the Bishop said they would welcome him back and have no difficulty with him returning as Bishop of Galway.

Dr Maureen Murphy from the Slanu Cancer Help Centre believes the Bishop had a relationship, rather than making a mistake. The tragedy as she see it is that church law did not allow the Bishop to have the freedom to be different around that relationship.

As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t do any wrong, I wouldn’t see anything wrong with loving a woman, as he did.

Parish Priest of Barna Fr Leo Morahan believes the Bishop should be forgiven and welcomed back to the diocese.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 May 1992. The reporter is Jim Fahy.