Annie Murphy, mother of Peter who was fathered by Eamonn Casey, spoke to Gay Byrne on the Late Late Show about her affair with the then Bishop of Kerry.

In 1992 it was revealed that Bishop Eamonn Casey had fathered a child with an American woman Annie Murphy. The child named Peter was born in 1973 when Casey was Bishop of Kerry. Bishop Eamonn Casey resigned as a result of the revelations. The following year in 1993, Annie Murphy published a book ‘Forbidden Fruit: The True Story of My Secret Love for the Bishop of Galway’, and made an appearance on the Late Late Show.

In this excerpt from the interview Gay Byrne remarks that 

If your son is half as good a man as his father, he won't be doing too badly.

Annie Murphy responds by stating

I'm not so bad either.  

Annie Murphy promptly thanked Gay Byrne for the interview and left the set.

This episode of the Late Late Show was broadcast on 2 April 1993.