Marking 500 episodes of the Late Late Show, Eamonn Andrews hi-jacks the show and interviews Gay Byrne about the last 17 years of the show.

17 years on and finally someone gets to interview Gay Byrne. The roles are reversed in this episode of the Late Late Show when Eamonn Andrews surprises Gay for an impromptu chat about his life in front of the camera on TV and off-camera on radio.

Gay introduces a guest called 'Dana Andrews', when Eamonn Andrews appears on set to Gay's surprise. The set-up was arranged by the Late Late Show crew, who asked Eamonn to come along to salute Gay and the show celebrating its 500th episode.

Andrews goes on to describe the Late Late Show as "the most important programme that Irish television has produced". 

Gay talks about how the show has changed over the years and describes the shows format as "formatless".