The National Prices Commission identifies Sligo as the dearest town in Ireland.

The March report from the National Prices Commission (NPC) found that prices in Sligo where highest and prices in Cork were lowest.

People who spoke to RTÉ News in the town of Sligo agree with the findings of the commission saying that prices are "fantastically high". One woman observes that due to the high prices in Sligo, many locals travel across the border to Enniskillen to shop.

Despite the findings of the report, George Soden President of Sligo Chamber of Commerce doubts that prices in Sligo are significantly higher than elsewhere. He does accept that costs in Sligo must be higher due to the smaller size of the market and the additional expense of transporting goods to the region. He is concerned that the report will damage Sligo's reputation as a business and industrial town.

To say that we are six per cent dearer than anywhere else is going to have a damaging effect.

George Soden acknowledges that cross border shopping is a challenge for local business but says it is a problem of higher taxation south of the border rather than just higher prices in Sligo.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 May 1976. The reporter is Jim Fahy.