Charles Haughey speaks about the need for people within a community to work together.

In this extract from the programme Charles Haughey attends a community gathering at the Fianna Fáil Oscar Traynor Cumann and presents the organisers with a donation. Due to a banking strike the donation is presented in cash in an envelope. 

Because of the bank strike it's not a cheque at all. It's hard cash.

Addressing an audience of predominantly women he speaks about the importance of helping people as individuals as well as working at a national level. He also acknowledges the work of the Fianna Fáil Cumman in pioneering community work. 

I think also that I am very much interested in people as people. And apart from what I would call the national work of building up the country I think to be able to help people as individuals is also a very important attraction.

This '7 Days' report was broadcast on 23 October 1970.