Smoking Ban in Ireland

A look at how the smoking ban came about and reaction to its introduction.

The smoking ban came into effect in Ireland on 29 March 2004 under the Public Health Act 2004.

The move to an 'all out ban' came gradually following years of debate between the pro and anti-smoking lobbies. Restrictions on advertising came into effect under Minister for Health Charles Haughey in 1979. Smoking was then banned on buses and in public buildings in 1988. Finally the broader ban on smoking in the work place was introduced in 2004 covering public buildings, hospitals, shops, pubs, restaurants, and anywhere people worked.

The ban on smoking has extended beyond the act itself with degrees of prohibition introduced in terms of where tobacco products may be purchased and how retailers display their products.

Since the ban was introduced alternatives to traditional tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes or vaporisers, have emerged on the market presenting further challenges to legislators with regard to prohibition and control.

Presented here is the story of the smoking ban, how it came about, the reaction to it, and the alternatives that have emerged for smokers.