As Ireland leads the way, being the first European country to introduce the smoking ban in the workplace, other countries look on as their governments plan to follow the Irish example.

RTÉ News Reporter, Bethan Kilfoil, examines the interest from foreign media in the introduction of the smoking ban in Ireland. The story has clearly captured the imagination of the world's media as journalists from all corners of the globe flock to Dublin.

Journalists and camera crews from Europe and beyond have arrived in Ireland to report on the introduction of the smoking ban in the workplace. Minister for Health, Micheal Martin, is in big demand and has done countless interviews with the foreign press including TV stations from Norway, Sweden and Holland, who all have plans to introduce similar plans soon.

The interest stems from a number of factors including: how it will impact on the traditional Irish pub; how a government can legislate for this and then enforce the legislation; and of course, increasing health concerns.

This report includes interviews with CNN correspondent, Diana Muriel, and French television reporter, Etienne Duval.

There are also scenes of foreign media in Dublin pubs and on the streets of Dublin.