A look at the impact that the smoking ban has had one year on.

Samantha Libreri reports on the smoking ban one year on. After one year since the introduction of the smoking ban there have been proven benefits for those working in previously smoke-filled environments.

Dr. Michael Boland (Chairperson, Office of Tobacco Control), says that carbon monoxide levels in non-smoking bar workers has fallen by forty-five per cent since the introduction of the ban on smoking in the workplace last year.

While there have been health benefits, there have economic consequences with a fall in the number of people going to the pub resulting in a corresponding fall in revenue for pub owners.

Donall O'Keeffe (Chief Executive, Licensed Vitners Association) says that there has been a decline of almost 10% in bar sales and almost 2,000 jobs lost as a result of the ban.

Samantha Libreri also gets the views of smokers and non smokers in some Dublin pubs.