Three self confessed nicotine addicts who want to stop smoking and are prepared to accept help to do it.

Smoking causes cancer and heart disease, and official figures state that 16,000 people die in Ireland every year from smoking-related illnesses. One third of Irish adults smoke about 6 billion cigarettes every year. Some want to stop but, 

The habit is very hard to break.

‘Check Up’ talks to three confirmed smokers who have made the decision to quit their habit. Paul Farquharson from Dublin works in a consultancy firm and describes how he currently feels about smoking as, 

A love-hate relationship.

Former model Mari O’Leary presents the RTÉ’ fashion programme ‘Head To Toe’ and admits to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. An ever present cough and feeling lethargic are her main reasons for wanting to stop,

I’ve always had problems with my lungs and I probably shouldn’t be smoking in the first place.

Sheila Horan works for a public relations and advertising agency, and smokes twenty a day, but more at the weekends if she goes out. A recent visit to her grandmother in hospital has frightened her about the long term impacts of smoking, and in addition to all that,

I’m fed up with them.

Help to quit smoking for good is found in the form of a weekly support group. Run by the Irish Cancer Society, these smoking cessation clinics are free, and aim to help smokers give up the fags completely in six weeks, without too much pain. Paul, Mari and Sheila are all finding it tough, but are working at becoming non-smokers. 

Facilitator Norma Cronin says that meeting up once a week with people who are going through the same experience helps those who have tried to stop smoking in the past and failed. People come because,

With our support here, and with the support of the group that they will be able to give up smoking.

This report for ‘Check Up’ was broadcast on 30 January 1990. The reporter is Ciana Campbell.