Irish Rail have banned the use of electronic cigarettes on trains.

As there is no legislation around the use of electronic cigarettes, people have been free to use them everywhere. However, some organisations have taken it upon themselves to prohibit their use. On the back of customer feedback Iarnród Éireann have introduced a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes on all trains. The question remains however on how this ban can be fully enforced.

Cathal Mac Coille talks to Jane Cregan of Iarnród Éireann who says that the decision to ban electronic cigarettes on trains was a result of customer feedback. According to Cregan, customers and staff are not happy with others using e-cigarettes on trains. This follows the pattern across other European countries where e-cigarettes have been banned on trains.

Cregan argues that, while Irish Rail is not making any assumptions on the health implications of using e-cigarettes, they are acting simply out of the fact that some of their customers don't like them and feel comfortable in an environment that they are being used in.