As the Minister for Health announces new anti-smoking legislation some of the journalists at the press conference are smoking.

Charles Haughey, Minister for Health and Social Welfare announces the introduction of restrictions on cigarette advertising in newspapers and magazines describing smoking as "Ireland's public enemy number one".

At a press conference Haughey announces the new legislation while some of those in attendance are smoking.

The new legislation means the introduction of controls on the amount of advertising that newspapers and magazines can engage in and restrictions on what is seen as the glamorisation of smoking.

Penalties for breaking these new laws will take the form of fines and Haughey describes the new legislation as "the toughest package in Europe".

Peter McNiff questions Haughey about how long it will be before we can expect to see a smoking ban in public areas such as buses and cinemas. Haughey emphasises that the health education policy of the Department of Health is more concerned with persuading individuals to take responsibility for their own health while emphasising the health benefits of not smoking.

The new anti-smoking regulations included the following restrictions. A ban on outdoor poster advertisements; advertisements in newspapers and magazines may not glamorise smoking; the association of tobacco products with other products is forbidden. The amount of money tobacco companies spend on sponsorship is to be limited by the Minister; the tobacco industry may not take on advertising of activities or events not previously associated with tobacco; and sponsorship of youth events is prohibited.