Dublin bus commuters talk about the newly introduced smoking ban on buses.

Report begins with Shay Healy standing on the street smoking four cigarettes at once. Healy boards the bus and asks passengers, young and old for their opinions on the ban to varying levels of agreement and disagreement.

One interviewee raises the question of enforcement in light of the fact that many Dublin buses are now one-man buses. This concern is reinforced by the driver who states that it is difficult to control what passengers do on the upper saloon.

Another non-smoker passenger welcomed the ban as she would now be encouraged to sit upstairs on the bus where passengers had been previously allowed to smoke.

The Tobacco (Health Promotion and Protection) Act, 1988 banned smoking in public buildings, hospitals, public pharmacies, schools, banking halls, cinemas, restaurant kitchens, part of all restaurants, on public transport aircraft and buses, and some trains (Intercity trains provided smokers' carriages).