Ten years later a look back at opposition to the smoking ban and its introduction.

29 March 2004 Ireland became the first country in the world to introduce a total workplace smoking ban. But initial reactions to the ban are mixed. 

Conor Barrens looks back at the ban and some of those opposed to the ban a decade ago.

Regarded as a progressive move, has the smoking ban been a success? Are less people smoking, and are people smoking less? Is Ireland any closer to becoming smoke free?

On the day the ban was introduced 'Morning Ireland' spoke to Galway publican Christy Ruane, who runs the Coachman’s Inn Bar in Glentane. While Christy was suspicious of the ban when it was introduced he now claims that it has worked out fine. However, with pubs closing around the country the Vintners Association still has concerns. Chief Executive of the Vintners Association, Padraig Cribben, argues that the main issue surrounds what constitutes an acceptable area for smoking in.

On the streets of Galway most people are positive about the ban, but there were some dissenting voices.