Those opposed to new legislation banning smoking in pubs and restaurants voice their opinions.

Brian Farrell introduces a report on a lobby group who are opposed to new legislation that will ban smoking in pubs and restaurants.

Keelin Shanley reports on the campaign against Minister for Health Micheal Martin's proposal to ban smoking in pubs and restaurants.

The report includes interviews with Finbar Murphy of the Irish Hospitality Industry Alliance (IHIA),  and publicans Barney Sheehan, David Hickey, and Bill Chalk. Also interviewed are Amanda Kane (MANDATE Union), Luke Clancy (ASH), Batt O'Keefe (T.D., Fianna Fáil), Michael Finneran (T.D., Fianna Fáil), and Anton Savage (Carr Communications).

Minister for Health Micheál Martin is shown at the launch of the proposed ban on 30 January 2003.

Interviewees express varying degrees of agreement with the ban on health grounds and raise issues relating to the place of the pub in Irish cultural identity. Those against the ban argue in favour of better ventilation systems and segregation in pubs as an alternative to the ban which some believe could result in the loss of up to 65,000 jobs in the hospitality sector.