Audience and panel discussion on the question 'Is it time to ban smoking in pubs?'

Michael O'Shea asks the Questions and Answers panel, "Is it time to ban smoking in pubs?"

The panellists include John O'Donoghue (TD, Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform), Roisín Shortall (TD, Labour Party), Dr. Edward Walsh (Former President at University of Limerick), Dr. Alan Titley (Head of Irish at St. Patrick's College, Drumconrda), and Dr. Fenton Howell (Chairman of ASH).

Fenton Howell argues in favour of the ban on health and safety grounds. Roisín Shortall is in favour of provisions being made for non-smokers in the form of designated areas on the principal that non-smoking should be treated as the norm.

Alan Titley argues in favour of some degree of tolerance in the form of licensing. John O'Donoghue argues that public support is required in order to effectively regulate a ban. Edward Walsh  is not in favour of such extreme state interference in an effort to avoid a "nanny state".