The impact of the smoking ban 5 years following its introduction in Ireland.

Ailbhe Connely visits Mulligans pub in Poolbeg Street to look at the impact of the smoking five years after it was introduced. She talks to barman Darren Cusack, Eamonn Rossi Chief Executive, Office of Tobacco Control and Ann Marie Part, Area Chief Environmental Health Officer, HSE.

According to the Office of Tobacco Control, there has been record compliance with the smoking plan by workplaces. While the HSE (Health Services Executive) has welcomed this positive impact, it warns against complacency for compliance to continue.

The report also identifies that it is bar workers that have benefited most from the introduction of the smoking ban. While there were 25,000 workplace inspections over the last year, only 24 cases were brought against bar owners resulting in 19 convictions. Further legislation which will be introduced in just over a week, will ban the display of tobacco products in retail outlets and place tighter controls on tobacco vending machines.