Spending a day at Killarney Racecourse in County Kerry.

Killarney races are a great social event, a place to meet and chat. Racegoers come from a wide range of backgrounds some with little knowledge of the sport. The gathering at Killarney is a chance for some to don their finest clothes with many of the ladies present sporting sunglasses and the latest hats.

The crowds in The Kingdom are just the same as anywhere else, the same fruitcake of optimists and pessimists, of the informed and the ignorant, and those who can afford it and those who can't.

The bookies with their leather bags are the link between the professionals and the public and the betting ring is teeming with punters buying, checking and marking racecards. Spectators can also observe the horses being led around the parade ring.

'Discovery: Photo Finish' was broadcast on 30 May 1966.