Ceart Go Leor trained by Suzanne Finn is all set for Cheltenham and the village of Summerhill in County Meath is right behind the horse and trainer.

Susanne Finn from Summerhill in County Meath has always wanted to work with horses. At the age of 23 she took out a full trainer’s licence and the resulting financial risk that such a role incurs. She has not experienced any difficulties being a woman in the, arguably, male dominated world of racing. Many women, particularly in England women are National Hunt trainers.

I suppose you have to prove yourself and if you make a mistake it is more apparent and they’ll say well she's only a woman.

The Cheltenham Festival is an important milestone for any trainer and Suzanne believes her horse Ceart Go Leor stands a good chance of success. Suzanne’s partner Martin Lynch is a professional jockey and would love ride Ceart Go Leor at Cheltenham. But as the race is for amateurs only, champion amateur John Queally will do the honours instead.

The village of Summerhill is supporting Suzanne and publican John Shaw will be screening the race on a giant screen television specially installed for the occasion. Local bookmaker Jim Martin, although conflicted, hopes Ceart go Leor wins. If he does

I’ll be very happy to pay out.

Every owner that buys a National Hunt horse aims to go to Cheltneham, but only five percent of them get there. It would mean an awful lot to Suzanne if Ceart Go Leor wins, but if that does not happen she hopes he will finish in the first four.

An ‘Evening Extra’ report broadcast on 16 March 1987. The reporter is Nick Coffey.