Chuaigh Cláracha Gaeilge RTÉ go dtí an Daingean i gContae Ciarraí agus bhuail siad le marcach óg.

Ten year old jockey Jack Kennedy makes his debut at the Dingle Races.  Jack's dream is to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, professional jockey Patrick Kennedy.   Daunting as it may be, Ireland’s biggest flapper racing festival gives Jack his first taste of what it’s like to race professionally, and an insight into the type of skills a jockey needs to have, 

Caithfidh a lán scileanna a bheith agat...ó thaobh misneach agus ó thaobh súil gear a bheith agat mar gach aon soicind amuigh ansan, tá sé ana-thábhachtach...níl tú a rá cinnte ag dul go dtí na rásanna cén slí a bheith tú ag teacht abhaile.

For young Jack Kennedy the main worry is that his pony is smaller than all the others in the race, and he won’t be able to compete. There is plenty of encouragement from family, friends and supporters, and jockey Katie O’Brien, who started racing herself at the tender age of 14.  

Jack’s father Billy and his brother D.J. aren't too bothered with the result of the race, as today is more about the experience of the event and helping to build up Jack’s confidence in the sport, 

Caithfidh ana-misneach a bheith acu...tá misneach mílte chun bpointe leis.

This episode of ‘Gioddaíup!’ was broadcast on 26 October 2009.