The literary history of love and marriage amongst the Irish is based on idealised or romantic love. Tradition would seem to indicate otherwise.

What do people think about love and marriage?

The views are many, and range from getting married for legal reasons, to the desire for meaningful companionship. One woman states it is everyone’s vocation to be married and it is the ambition of every woman. On the subject of love she notes

Women are easy to love if the man is kind to them, men are a little bit different, you have to be awfully good to men to make them fall in love with you.

‘Long Ago But Not So Far Away’ is a series in which two noted writers present their personal interpretation of the Irish mind as portrayed in the literature of Ireland. Episode two in the series ‘Love and Marriage’ is written by Irish poet and playwright Seán Ó Tuama and presented by Jim Sherwin.

‘Long Ago But Not So Far Away: Love And Marriage’ was broadcast on 20 November 1970. The reporter is Jim Sherwin.