Bishops say secular love songs are out of character with sacred church ceremonies.

Following a meeting of Catholic Bishops at Maynooth a number of new guidelines have been issued for wedding ceremonies.

The bishops' spokesman Dr Jospeh Duffy briefed the media on the recommendations. The bishops say that the bride and groom need to remember that the church service is the main event and not just a prelude to the wedding reception. Readers and singers at ceremonies should be technically competent and not just friends of the couple. The bride and groom should face each other and not have their backs to the congregation. Seating in the church should not be divided along family lines. The altar should not be used as a table to sign the register.

In relation to music at church weddings, they have placed a ban on secular love songs.

There is better music available.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 26 September 1990. The reporter is Kieron Wood.