Peter Thorpe starts married life on the right track with a £10,000 win in the Irish Sweeps Hurdle.

Before welder Peter Thorpe from Castledermot, County Kildare  marries fiancée Lorette Timmons in Carlow Cathedral, he calmly watches the Irish Sweeps Handicap Hurdle in a nearby pub.

Peter Thorpe drew a horse in the Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes at Leopardstown and in a race to the finish, Peter’s horse Gallant Royal comes in third place, earning Peter £10,000 in the process.

Peter admits he has no interest at all in horses but he knew Gallant Royal had a fair chance of winning because of his trainer.

Not at all torn between the race and his wedding day the groom knew which event was more important.

I wasn’t really bothered if I won or not.

Peter is not sure what he will do with his winning, but the newly marrieds still intend to spending their honeymoon touring around Ireland as planned.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 January 1984. The reporter is Michael Ryan.