Sponsored programmes were the main means of advertising in the early days of radio broadcasting. Here is the closing sequence from the long running 'Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes' programme.

The first sponsored programme, featuring Euthymol toothpaste, was broadcast on 31 December 1927. Through the 1930s, Independent Newspapers sponsored 'Slumber Hour', PJ Carroll, makers of Sweet Afton cigarettes, sponsored 'Sweet Afton Varieties', The Savoy Cocoa Company sponsored the 'Savoy Minstrels', and The Blackrock Hosiery Company, 'Rock Revellers'. 'The Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes' programme, sponsored by the Irish Hospitals' Trust to promote the sale of tickets for the Irish Sweepstake, and 'The Walton's Programme', sponsored by the Dublin music shop of that name, became among the best-known and longest-running sponsored programmes.

Listen here to the closing sequence of "The Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes" programme.