With its vibrant matchmaking festival and famous spa waters, Lisdoonvarna in County Clare is going from strength to strength.

There is something for everybody at Lisdoonvarna in County Clare. Its authenticity is a draw for young and old alike with some saying the atmosphere is better than comparable festivals held in Listowel and Puck

It's a great place entirely, they only thing is we haven’t the chance of going to bed at all.

The town’s main tourist season is in September when other resorts are winding down. At peak season Lisdoonvarna’s population rises from 700 to 7,000.

Many visitors to Lisdoonvarna come for the sulphur-rich spa water. Once popular with the Victorian gentry, taking the waters remains a big attraction. In addition to the baths, a sauna, massage and beauty treatments are also available.

It all adds up to an impressive faith in future of the spa itself, as well as Lisdoonvarna.

Lisdoonvarna also has its romantic reputation to uphold and alongside the spa there is a vibrant matchmaking festival.

More marriages they say are made here than in heaven.

Some men revisiting Lisdoonvarna remain resolute in their quest to find wives. 

We’re not going home empty handed either.

A 'Newsround’ report broadcast on 28 September 1975. The reporter is Seán Duignan.