Lord Altamont brings viewers on a tour of his home, Westport House, Mayo where over centuries craftsmen have made it a place of beauty.

Westport House features a white marble staircase constructed by Italian craftsmen, a barrel vaulted ceiling by German Architect Richard Cassels, many fine chimney pieces, exquisite furnishings, and noted chandeliers.

The long gallery decorated by Architect James Wyatt and subsequently altered by his son Benjamin Wyatt features a long line of portraits leading to the dining room which features a wealth of delicate plasterwork.

A collection of rare old Irish and English silver and glass is presented on the dining room table. In the study next to the dining room is the flag of the Mayo Legion which accompanied the French General Humbert when he invaded Ireland in 1798.

More of the plasterwork of James Wyatt can be found on the ceiling over the staircase. On the landing leading to the bedrooms, there's a painting of the Holy Family by Flemish artist Rubens.  The sleeping quarters have also been decorated impeccably with similar plasterwork and furnishings. 

Right from the start, Westport House had to compete with nature for from where it stands man could look down on the island strewn lovliness of Clew Bay. Small wonder that its masters took such pains to make it beautiful.

This episode of 'Broadsheet' was broadcast on 20 August 1963.