The official state guest house Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park, Dublin opens to the public.

The newly renovated Farmleigh House will be home to visiting dignitaries as well as offering tours to the public. Last week Farmleigh House hosted the Chinese Premier and this week it hosted members of the public.

After renovations lasting two years the overall cost of the project has been put at £41 million. The estate will mainly be used to accommodate visiting dignitaries and host north-south meetings.

Farmleigh and its seventy nine acres of parkland is situated in the Phoenix Park Dublin. Eileen Magnier speaks to members of the public who have taken the tour of the house. Tour Guide Linda Moran says that people are delighted to be able to have a look inside the house. However, parts of the house including the fourteen bedrooms are out of bounds.

The next group of dignitaries to avail of the facilities at Farmleigh will be a Latvian delegation. 

An RTÉ News report by Eileen Whelan broadcast on 9 September 2001.