Temperatures soar in a mini heatwave with many areas of Ireland reporting the hottest April for years.

As Ireland basks in beautiful sunshine, many people take their first swim of the year, including two boys enjoying a paddle in the sea. A kiosk by the promenade at Bray in County Wicklow is prepared for customers wishing to buy footballs and spades.

The barometer at Birr in County Offaly hit 23.6 degrees Celsius, the highest April temperature recorded there since 1881.

Temperatures ranging between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius were also the best on record for the month at Mullingar, Kilkenny and Clones.

Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland recorded a temperature of 23 Celcius making it the warmest April day there for 135 years.

However these temperatures failed to beat the highest April record in Ireland of 24.3 degrees Celsius taken at Tralee in County Kerry in 1945.

While a Met Office spokesperson describes the weather as exceptionally good for the time of year, he emphasised that it was no indication of an early heatwave, or that July and August would be scorchers.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 April 1975. The footage shown here is mute.