Ib Jorgensen designs the latest uniforms for Aer Lingus hostesses.

Leading Danish designer Ib Jorgenson designs a new classically coordinated and comfortable uniform for Aer Lingus female staff launched at the Dublin Horse Show.

A total mini wardrobe in classical style.

The new uniform will be manufactured and supplied by firms in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Wicklow, and Donegal. The new mini wardrobe features a classic blazer suit in peacock green-blue tweed from Magee of Donegal to be worn with a sleeveless wool slip over, a pleated skirt and cardigan in coordinating colours, three blouses, an overcoat and velvet beret.

Female Aer Lingus air and ground stewardesses are pleased with the latest designs that include uniforms for both Winter and Summer. From October 1986 over one thousand Aer Lingus female staff will wear the new uniform.

Aer Lingus hostesses Liz Howard, Susan Collins and Una Cleary are pleased with the new uniforms.

An RTÉ report broadcast on 6 August 1986. The reporter is Andrew Kelly.