The good weather in Ireland continues, with people enjoying temperatures higher than the July average.

As temperatures in some parts of Ireland reach 28 degrees Celsius, well above the July average, people are making the most of the heatwave.

Seaside resorts are thronged with sunbathers taking the opportunity to work on their tans while children busy themselves making sandcastles. Swimming in a river is also proving a popular way for children to keep cool while having fun in the sun.

In Dublin city centre office workers carry their jackets while builders are stripped to the waist to help combat the heat.

In St Stephen’s Green, unoccupied deck chairs are a rarity. Children gather at the side of the lake with fishing nets and a woman with a child in a pram feeds the ducks.

Meanwhile in the countryside, it is all hands on deck saving hay and making haystacks.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 July 1969. The footage shown here is mute.