As summer temperatures soar, some of the residents at Dublin Zoo are finding the heat a little too hot to handle.

While the inhabitants of the Reptile House might enjoy the soaring temperatures, curator at Dublin Zoo, Gerry Creighton Senior says the hot weather is making a lot of the animals lethargic.

As with everybody it soaks up your energy.

Because of their size and thick skin, keeping cool for elephants can be a problem and they can even get sunstroke. In their natural habitat, they will seek shade. However, in Dublin Zoo, keeper Joe Byrne is on hand to provide elephants, Kirsty and Judy, with showers.

They liked to get hosed down, we’ve hosed them down a couple of times today already.

Team Leader of the African Plains at Dublin Zoo, Helen Clarke Bennett says in hot weather, they provide fruit frozen in blocks of ice for the chimpanzees and apes to gnaw upon. This boosts their water intake and helps to cool them down.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 August 2003. The reporter is Sari Houlihan.