In 1965 'Zoofari' went to a chimpanzee party at Dublin Zoo.

This mute clip shows handlers taking three small chimpanzees to a tea party.

'Zoofari' was a series broadcast on Telefís Éireann (now RTÉ) in 1964 and 1965. A fifteen minute programme primarily aimed at children 'Zoofari' was a series of conducted tours through Dublin Zoo led by the zoo's Superintendent Terry Murphy.

Don Lennox the producer of 'Zoofari' writing in the RTV Guide in July 1964 said, "Zoofari is theoretically a children's programme, devised to entertain while developing the child's itch for knowing. But any viewer, seeing the programme, observing the animals in their varied daily activities, will feel the curiosity growing, and will react by either visiting the zoo or reading more about animals. There are few scientific details which would be of primary interest to a zoologist, but there are enough facts and sounds and pictures for Zoofari to serve as a guide to the world of animals."

(RTV Guide July 24 1964 Vol 2 No 138)

The extract shown here is from an episode first broadcast on 6 September 1965.