Neil Warner fulfills a brief to photograph vehicles at work at the Moneypoint power station in County Clare.

Galway based Neil Warner specialises in location industrial photography. His clients include semi-state bodies and many of the American companies working in Ireland.

Neil Warner's latest project is to photograph the Volvo vehicles used for manipulating coal at the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) Moneypoint power station in County Clare.

Neil Warner must supply the company manufacturing the machines with two images for use in corporate brochures. Having established the client’s needs, he decides to shoot on colour negative, colour transparency and 35mm slide. He will decide what camera to use when he gets on location.

Every picture Neil Warner takes is for a specific purpose and end use,

I take beautiful pictures with a message and other photographers may just take beautiful pictures.

At Moneypoint, Neil Warner gives the ESB drivers direction rather than leaving the shoot to chance. He is very pleased with the level of co-operation he receives.

Once he is satisfied with the composition, Neil Warner sets up his camera. He takes a Polaroid to check the content of the photograph is satisfactory and to give himself peace of mind.

They say that the longest minute in a photographer’s life is the waiting for the first Polaroid to come out.

At the end of the shoot Neil Warner is pleased with proceedings,

It’s gone very, very well and I’m happy; it’s in the can.

The episode of 'Box Camera’ was broadcast on 28 September 1986. The reporter is Áine Lawlor. The presenter is Aonghus McAnally.