It was a love of cycling that first brought Bill Doyle to photography.

An exhibition of the work of Dublin photographer Bill Doyle opens at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar in Dublin. Doyle's work in capturing the changing face of Irish society has led to him being known as 'Ireland's Cartier-Bresson'.

In 1967 Doyle was named as Daily Telegraph Magazine Photographer of the Year, and then became a full time freelance photographer.  Among his many subjects was the changing face of the Aran Islands, 

I probably went to Aran for about thirty years...I realised then at that stage, that the Aran I was seeing now, at that moment, would disappear.

Bill Doyle rarely stages his photographs, but prefers to wait for the right moment.  

Bresson always said...when you click, the shutter goes, it’s like the guillotine, you have it forever, and I think that’s really where I get my thrill...

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 December 2007.  The reporter is Sineád Crowley.