An exhibition of colour photographs taken in Ireland in 1913 opens in Dublin.

The photographs were taken by two French photographers and have been brought to Dublin by the French Foreign Ministry for an exhibition at the Alliance Française. The photographs

Are not only of remarkable quality and clarity, they are also in colour.

French philanthropist Albert Kahn sent two photographers, Marguerite Mespoulet and Madeleine Mignon-Alba, to Ireland as part of a project to make a photographic inventory of the surface of the globe. The project was known as 'The Archives of the Planet'. 

Reporter Eddie Barrett refers to the photographers as "French men". In fact the photographers were women. 
During their visit to Ireland in May and June 1913, they photographed the people, their homes, and the costume of the time, as well as religious monuments.

A 'Today Tonight' report by Eddie Barrett broadcast on 4 February 1981.