In conversation with the British band Cornershop.

Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres of the British band Cornershop are interviewed in the Rock Garden venue on Crown Alley in Dublin's Temple Bar.

Ben Ayres is sporting a hairclip that he found,

I try to look my best.

The band’s name stems from a stereotype referring to British Asians often owning corner shops.

It’s re-presenting a sort of negative word, making it positive.

Tjinder Singh denies the rumour they are planning to open a club that gives free sandals to its patrons. Ben Ayres is surprised Robert Poss from the American group Band of Susans is a fan of Cornershop, but he takes the compliment.

Viewers have the opportunity to enter a competition to win Cornershop t-shirts and records by answering a question,

To the nearest pound, how much have Cornershop as a band, lost on this tour of Ireland.

Cornershop played in the Buttery in Trinity College Dublin on 26 February and Fibber Magees 28 February 1993.

The RTÉ Television Young People's programme 'Jo-Maxi' broadcast regular music-based programmes from the Rock Garden venue entitled 'JMTV Rocks the Garden'. During this episode Cornershop performed 'Waterlogged' and 'Kawasaki (More Heat Than Chapati)' from their EP 'In The Days Of Ford Cortina' released on Wiiija Records in January 1993.

This episode of 'JMTV Rocks the Garden’ was broadcast on 5 March 1993. The presenter is Niamh Walsh.