The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan on a leg injury, married life, touring and cranberry sauce.

Given the success of their debut album ‘Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?’, singer with The Cranberries Dolores O'Riordan knew a second album would be challenging.

She was confident about the songs on ‘No Need to Argue’, released in late 1994. Her faith in the album was born out, as it surpassed its predecessor and reached number one in Australia, Germany and Belgium.

The sudden cancellation of three scheduled homecoming concerts due to have taken place in December 1994 was caused by a damaged knee. Earlier in that year Dolores O'Riordan underwent major surgery for a cruciate ligament injury sustained in a skiing accident. The leg injury reoccurred unexpectedly and there was no option but to pull the concerts at the last minute. The cancelled concerts resulted in a press backlash, although Irish fans were more understanding.

It’s kinda hard to let people down but at the end of the day you have to put your head first and you have to know where to draw the line.

The singer is keen to point out the concerts are not cancelled indefinitely, merely postponed until June 1995.
Dolores enjoyed Christmas and dispels the rumour that cranberry sauce is banned in her home although her family are,

More of a bacon and cabbage household.

1994 was a memorable year for Dolores as she married Don Burton, Duran Duran’s tour manager. She is enjoying married life and would love to have a huge family one day, but for the time being she is concentrating on her career.

She and Don have planning permission to build a home in Kerry When she is not on the road touring, she wants to be able to lead a normal life.

Dolores’ mother Eileen is in the ‘Kenny Live’ audience. She is incredibly proud of her daughter and confirms fame has not changed her, 

Not at all no, she’s the same Dolores the whole time.

The Cranberries will resume touring in London and Germany, they will be recording an MTV Unplugged show and over the summer will be playing some festival dates with REM.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 16 January 1995. The presenter is Pat Kenny.