A dramatic twist to 'Popstars' saw Nadine Coyle disqualified from the talent show because of her age.

Nadine Coyle admits to Pat Kenny that she was aware from the start of the process that she had to be 18 to take part in 'Popstars'. Seeing a once in a lifetime opportunity the 16 year old Nadine never expected to get as far as she did and so did not think she would be found out. Delighted as she progressed through a number of rounds things got out of control and it became too difficult to tell the judges her true age..

Nadine did not think that her disqualification would be such a big deal and feared how people would react when the truth came out. Public support has been mainly positive, particularly in her hometown of Derry. The tabloid newspapers however had a field day with the story, with many of them branding her a liar.

I took it OK because they're not writing anything that isn’t untrue, I did lie about my age, so they’re not lying by writing it, so I just have to accept it.

When Nadine saw the final episode of ‘Popstars’ on television she was heartbroken. She had to re-live the awful day when she left the house and the five other band members. Nadine is realistic about the whole experience as she admits knowing there was only going to be the one ending to the dream of stardom.

Home, just out of the band, going home and I always knew it from the start and I always knew that it could never last and that I was always going to have to go home.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 18 January 2002. The presenter is Pat Kenny